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Perfect Sofa for your Home

It isn’t just something for you or your family to sit on, it can add to the beauty and value of your house…the comfort is the plus! Thinking of buying a new one? This article will greatly help you.

STEP 1: Determine how your sofa is going to be used

If it is a family room sofa that you’ll be using for lounging, it’s likely you’ll want a deeper sofa.  Standard sofa depth ranges anywhere from 36 to 38 inches. If you anticipate using the sofa for curling up and really getting cuddly, or if a family member is particularly tall, opt for a deeper version.  You’ll thank me for this when you’ve plopped down on your sofa watching Netflix for hours on end. We create custom sofas for the majority of our clients, so they receive their perfect comfort level. Typically we use a 40″-42″ depth to get that cozy and cushy vibe.

If the sofa will be used as part of a more occasional sitting area that won’t necessarily be used as your main lounging area, consider a smaller sofa. You can pair it with a few occasional chairs and an ottoman to create a seating area conducive for conversation where people can sit across from one another rather than side by side on a large couch.

Also, consider the logistics of getting the new piece into your space. Be sure that your new purchase is physically able to fit through your home’s doorways, especially if you have an older home. Measure twice to be safe and avoid a big headache! You don’t want to get the perfect sofa home and only be able to get it as far as your front yard! Check with the retailer for delivery and clearance specifications, as it may have a quick reference tool such as Restoration Hardware’s Delivery Brochure. I know this sounds super “formal” and a little over the top “informative” but seriously…I have made this mistake before. It sucks!

STEP 2: Identify Your Personal Style

Seems like a no brainier, but really knowing your personal style can help big time when trying to narrow down your quest for the perfect sofa and help you choose a style that reflects your lifestyle. If you lean toward the more formal and fancy, or have a “traditional” design aesthetic, a sofa with tufting or a tailored upholstered piece with exposed legs may be a good option.

If you tend to be more casual, a slipcover sofa makes a less formal statement and is especially perfect for high-traffic areas or families with small children because you can quickly throw the slipcovers in the wash.

If you have a large enough space and want a big ol’ sofa, you need to get yo’self a sectional! I love using sectionals in my client’s homes – it really makes the room feel uber comfy and cozy.

Consider Comfort & Fill

The sofa’s placement and how it will be used determines the type of fill you want in the piece. Sofas are traditionally made of a dense polyfiber wrapped around a foam core, but many retailers offer upgrades such as down-feather cushions instead, for an additional cost.

Obviously, comfort should always be a consideration, but if you can’t afford upgraded fill in each of your sofas, determine where you’d like to splurge on fill by weighing which room receives more traffic. You will likely want to choose an upgraded fill in a TV room where you and your family spend a majority of your time.

Choose a Color That is appropriate for the Space

The fourth consideration when choosing a sofa is determining what color you will choose for the piece. If the piece is intended for the main living space, I usually like to recommend you choose a neutral fabric such as an oatmeal or charcoal gray for a couple reasons. One you won’t get sick of it as you may if you choose a pattern, and  color that is timeless and will fit with any décor style. Then furnish the room with colorful accessories such as pillows, an ottoman and art to add color to the space.

If the sofa is to be used in a more occasional sitting room, you can go bolder with your fabric choice, as these pieces tend to be more aesthetic than your staple sofa in the main living area.  You can go with a bright color or a fun pattern.



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