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Spring Reflections

At the beginning of every season I like to sit and reflect. Spring is no different. I usually start getting Spring fever in February. Mostly, after a big snow storm. Sometimes it feels like Winter will never end, and then it does.

Spring tends to sneak up on us, here in the mountains. It can snow one day, and the crocus pop up two days later. I starts slowly. A bud here, some green grass there. Then you see the years first robin singing out side your window.

I know when Spring has sprung, here, when the Geese come back north. Like in their departure, they blacken the sky coming back to the creek. Their song is sometimes deafening. Beautifully deafening, that is.

The turkeys stay away more often. With the new season, comes an abundance of food. The dear come still, showing off their young. Yet another critter makes a return. The skunks! Believe me, that is a true sign of spring.

The birds are busy building their nests, while the bugs start trying out their wings. The sap is done flowing, and the maples start donning their leaves.

The perennials are peeking out from under the dried leaves. The herbs get an early start, and the berry brambles are filling in with leaves.

The days are longer now. Soon we will be changing our clocks ahead an hour. With the extra sun, and the melted snow, new projects arise. The dear had munched on one of the apple trees. Some small hills of leaves were left, where they lay, when the first snow fell. The big old maple that makes the Shady Acher Shady, has shed plenty of dead branches.

It takes a long time for the land to dry up, after defrosting. Snow boots are still a staple. We all start looking pretty weird in blue jeans, tee shirts and snow boots.

Folks start hanging their clean laundry outside. Oh, there is nothing nicer than sleeping on sheets dried outside.

Slowly but surely the lawn ornaments and picnic tables start appearing. Cheery flower wreaths take the place of evergreens. Window boxes are cleaned up and ready for planting.

The birds are in worm heaven when the fields are hoed. Also in the freshly tilled gardens.

Another, not so lovely sign of spring is the road trash. The snow banks are gone and left is all of the trash people have thrown out their car windows. This doesn’t last long, though. With our Adopt a Highway programs, the road sides are cleaned up in no time. Motorcycles appear on the road again. Along with some adventurous folks with their convertible tops down. Another crop starts to reappear, Antique cars. There seems to be quite a few of them up here. Of course, we are once again getting stuck behind, slow as molasses, tractors. But their neighbors, so we don’t let it bother us, much.

A sure sign of Spring in my kitchen is ants. When they show up I know it’s spring.

The garden shops are open and thriving. The delivery trucks are working overtime delivering mail-order seeds, and plants.

Yes, Spring on my neck of the woods is filled with excitement. It’s time to get busy again, and I can’t wait to get started.

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